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I just want y’all to remember that a few days ago a visibly armed white man was pointing a gun at children in a park in broad daylight. He was calmly talked down and brought in to custody. TJ Lane shot up his school, was taken to trial peacefully, sentenced, escaped, and peacefully…

My third grade teacher called my mother and said, ‘Ms. Cox, your son is going to end up in New Orleans in a dress if we don’t get him into therapy.’ And wouldn’t you know, just last week I spoke at Tulane University, and I wore a LOVELY green and black dress.
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Raw Nori vegetable wraps with avocados, parsley, peppers, carrots and hummus…RECIPE

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has anyone posted this yet? I love it! 

This was perfect

I really liked this explanation!! I’m in a women and gender studies course right now and we were discussing this topic the other day!

I really want to believe that the women feel empowered. I guess the thing I’m still hung up on is I feel like this explanation is very much like all other theory- it’s the intended point of view: women making men pay for male gaze instead of the examples of women just being harassed in the street.

But, I feel like I have met far more many men that still view women- all women, not just if they were to pay a sex worker for something- as something less than human just like the jerks explained here. Even worse, I feel like being able to pay for the fantasy entitles a man to think he is right or in someway validates his own misogyny.

Any thoughts?

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Artists uses Disney princes to highlight domestic abuse’s least visible victims

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There needs to be more of this.  Too many people think domestic violence is only against women.

it makes me mad that this has waaaay less notes than the female version

its tumblr

The posts that say we need feminism because girls are literally demonised for liking pumpkin spice are going to get more notes then anything to do with male victims of rape or domestic violence 

Yeah, great post, great message, but blimey can we stop with the whole ‘if this was a female version it would have way more notes nobody cares about male victims bla bla bla’. 

Because let me tell you right now that it’s feminism and feminists that are campaigning for an end to gender roles and Patriarchy, WHICH IS THE THING THAT MAKES PEOPLE THINK MALE VICTIMS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS SERIOUSLY AS FEMALE ONES. 

It’s just such a weak and backhanded crappy statement. This is a post about men that suffer from domestic violence. But you still have to derail it to get in a little point about how tumblr feminists are bad and evil. 

Grow up. This is serious stuff. 

You care about male victims of domestic violence? You fight against gender roles and the patriarchy. You don’t use this important post as an opportunity to get at feminists on tumblr. If you cared about male victims, let’s face it, you wouldn’t do that.

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Photo by:A.S Nagpal

"Paint War Engagement Session"

oh my fucking god i can’t even take how cute this is

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if you had a really terrible phase where you were an offensive little asshole but you know better now i wanna let you know that i’m proud you were able to pull yourself out of that because some people just don’t know when to grow the fuck up but you did


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it bothers me when people call other people fat, but it bothers me more when the immediate response is NO I’M NOT.

like… own it.

remove the stigma.

But you are not fat- fat is something you have. Everyone does



"its not fair girls can wear pants and guys cant wear dresses" stfu yes you can. go to jc pennys. buy a cute dress. wear the dress. if anyone says you cant wear the dress. slay them.congratulations you are wearing a dress

the best part is that this argument is used by guys to try and prevent girls wearing trousers, but who is preventing men from wearing dresses? is it women? oh wait no it’s men and the patriarchy, fucking again.

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